Reviewing Fenty Beauty’s ‘Beach Please’ Collection

Fenty Beauty has done it again and gotten us all hyped up for summer! Rihanna’s beauty brand has released a collection inspired by a tropical summer, sporting on-trend bright glosses, foiled multi-use shimmers and cream eyeshadow sticks. I fell in love with the promo photos with looks by Priscilla Ono, Rihanna’s makeup artist.


I bought the collection online from Harvey Nichols. Above is the Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter duo in ‘Mimosa Sunrise/Sangria Sunset’ (£28), the product that got me interested in the collection in the first place. Priscilla Ono uses this product to create that blush-contour that is very in style at the moment, blurring the lines where your eyeshadow ends and your blush/contour/highlight begins.


‘Mimosa Sunrise’ is a beautiful bright orange and ‘Sangria Sunset’ is a magenta pink. The colours blend really nicely together and really compliment my medium skin tone. They are both super reflective, but somehow don’t accentuate texture, making your skin look really smooth and glowy.


I also bought the Island Bling 2 in 1 Liquid Eye Shimmer in ‘Mamacita/Tinikini’ (£22). I didn’t think I was going to be blown away by this product, but I think this is going to be the eyeshadow I’ll be wearing everyday this summer.

Above: Mamacita, Below: Tinikini

Mamacita is a creamy rose-gold shimmer which is beautiful by itself. Tinikini is a sort of glitter topper, with a really interesting almost ‘holographic’ shift to it. It’s unlike any other cream shadow I’ve seen! The two apply really easily if you use a finger, and really pack a punch.

Bad photo but here’s what they look like

The glosses come in two different trios- Summer Daze and Summer Nights (£24 each), with Summer Nights being the darker, more holographic of the two. I chose Summer Daze, which has three iridescent shades in mint, peach and fuchsia. All are very comfortable to wear and not too sticky.



From Top to Bottom: ‘Single’, ‘Bilingual’, ‘Ready to Mingle’ (Aren’t these the best shade names?!)

From Left to Right: ‘Single’, ‘Bilingual’, ‘Ready to Mingle’

This is the look I created, which I copied from Priscilla Ono, mainly using the Killawatt foil as an eyeshadow, blush, highlight and a bit on the lips too. I used the gloss in ‘Bilingual’ on top.


Overall, I really like everything in this collection, which is rare for me! I love the vibes of the collection and love that the looks Priscilla Ono created for it inspired me to be a bit bolder with my face makeup. Although the colours of Killawatt duos may be seen as a bit ‘bold’ as highlighters, I’d really encourage trying them out, as I think they can be really wearable. The eye bling is definitely something I’ll be wearing really often, and the lip glosses are really fun!



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