Wearing the Huda Beauty Gemstone Obsessions Palette Two Ways

Huda Beauty recently released two new ‘Obsessions’ eyeshadow palettes- Gemstone Obsessions and Coral Obsessions. Because I liked the Mauve Obsessions palette so much (you can read my review here), and my boyfriend got me the Electric Obsessions as a present which is such good quality, I decided to add Gemstone Obsessions to my collection!

I bought the palette off Cult Beauty, where it retails for £25, just like the other Obsessions palettes. The layout is the same, with 9 foiled eyeshadows and a mirror. I couldn’t find the exact weight of the eyeshadows, but the palette is pocket-sized so don’t expect tonnes of product.


Here are swatches of the shades. Unfortunately they are not named, but from left to right there is: A pale champagne-pink with blue reflect (my fave shade), a baby pink with purple reflect, an emerald green with silver and blue reflect, a pinky purple with blue reflect, an amethyst purple shade, a ruby red shade, a copper shade, pink with gold/copper reflect, and a sapphire blue with purple reflect.

I love how the shades are unique, as they all have different reflects and colour shifts. They are very pigmented and bold, but because they have a softer texture, beware of very slight fall-out. I would use your finger or a wet brush to avoid this.

Look 1: ‘The Dragon’ 


I used the ruby red and copper on the lid, with the emerald green on the lower waterline. For highlight I used the Morphe X Bretman Rock highlighter palette.


For lipstick, I wore the ColourPop Lux Lipstick in ‘LA Girl’.

Look 2: ‘The Fairy’


This look was a bit more intricate, as I did a half cut-crease with the pinkier purple and emerald. I also used the dark teal and fuchsia eyeshadows from the Electric Obsessions palette.


Lipstick is by Dida For Women in ‘Pixie’, and highlight is a ColourPop pressed powder highlight in ‘Angel Food’.

Which was your favourite look? Would you buy this palette?


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