Reviewing the NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation in Stromboli

This has taken me forever to finally sit down and write about! Not only have I been stressed with exams coming up, but I was very on-the-fence about this foundation and needed to try it a few times after making a decision. NARS has claimed that their Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation can last for up to 16 hours, promising a high-coverage yet natural and lightweight formula that looks better with each hour. After seeing lots of Youtubers wearing this with rave reviews, I decided to try it for myself.

The foundation costs £35 which isn’t the most I’ve paid for a foundation, but it is definitely on the upper end of the scale and is veeeery slightly more expensive than other foundations by NARS. I bought the shade ‘Stromboli’ which is meant for medium skintones with olive undertones. I have this shade in their  ‘All Day Luminous Weightless’ Foundation so I assumed it would be very similar.

ADLW foundation on the left, NRL foundation on the right

Compared to the ADLW foundation, the NRL foundation is more of a cream, but is still just as pigmented, as I only needed 2 pumps (which are tiny drops) to cover my entire face. Although it’s supposed to be high-coverage, I would say its more of a medium coverage than can be built up to high-coverage. I also tried using both a brush and a beauty sponge with this foundation, and there is definitely better coverage with a brush.

As for the shade, it’s a PERFECT match, which is so rare for me! However, I would say that the NRL Stromboli isn’t exactly the same as their ADLW Stromboli, as it is slightly deeper and less olive. This is something you might want to keep in mind if you’re planning on getting the same shade as a NARS foundation you already own.

The finish itself is definitely more matte than I expected it to be, especially since it has ‘radiant’ in it’s name. I do notice that even though it’s matte, it’s not flat and it still retains a ‘skin-like’ finish to it. A major drawback of this foundation for me is that it really clung to and enhanced the dry patches on my skin.

I wore this foundation for a good 7 hours (I had to take it off before going to the gym). I do have to admit that as the day got on, I did start to like the look of this foundation more, as my skin became more radiant and dewy, but not in an oily way. However, when I looked in the mirror close-up I could still see the little dry patches.


Overall, this foundation isn’t a bad foundation, as it lives up to it’s claims of looking better as the day goes on and does make you look matte yet radiant. However, the fact that it clings onto dry skin was a big con for me, so I think I’d only use it during the summer when my skin isn’t as dry. If you have dry skin and want a foundation which is almost a better dupe for this one, I’d recommend Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation (you can read my full review here) which is also a cheaper alternative!


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