Reviewing new Morphe products: Brontour duo and Bretman Rock Babe in Paradise highlighter palette

It’s currently wet and rainy in Edinburgh, but that doesn’t stop me from seeking out that sun-kissed, flawless glowy skin. I’m talking about that healthy, so dewy-you’re-almost sweaty-looking skin that Desi Perkins always seems to have. I think that’s why I have an addiction to highlighters and collect so many, because it’s just something that makes me so happy.  I don’t know a lot about Bretman Rock, but I do love a good tropical glow and have never tried any of Morphe’s face products, so I thought that Bretman’s highlighter palette and Morphe’s new brontour duos would be good products to try together in this review.


Bretman’s ‘Babe in Paradise’ 6-pan highlighter palette and fan brush set sells for £29, which is a good deal in my opinion compared to other 6 pan palettes such as the Jeffree Star 24K palette. The highlighters are meant to be creamy and have shades suitable for all skin tones.


I love the island theme (Bretman is from Hawaii) and the packaging is beautiful. I wish you could choose to buy these two items separately since I already have a favourite highlighter brush, but to my surprise, the fan brush is quite good quality! I usually don’t go for fan brushes, but this one is just dense enough to pick up the right amount of highlight for easy application. The formula of the highlight itself is great- so creamy and more metallic rather than glittery, which I look for in a highlight.


From Right to Left: Behbeh Gurl (Pearlescent Pink), Vaygaytion (Iced Champagne Sheen), Mahu (Gilded Gold), Get Lei’d (Peachy Pink Sheen), Cheehoo (Soft Rose Sheen), Shady Bitch (Golden Copper Luster)

I really like the shade range of this palette, and I can easily wear all shades except for ‘Shady Bitch’ on my medium skintone. My favourite shade has to be Mahu, as it really compliments my medium skin. My least favourite is Behbeh girl, as it is slightly more powdery than the other shades. The only real problem I have is that ‘Vaygaytion’ and ‘Get Lei’d’ are very very similar in colour, and I wouldn’t agree with the shade description of ‘Get Lei’d’, which is supposed to be peachy pink, but is really champagne. So all in all, you more or less get 5 shades rather than 6.


Now onto the Brontour duo. This sells for £12 and comes with a matte contour shade and radiant bronzer shade. I got the shade ‘Celebutante’ which is made for medium skin tones. I think this is a really nice concept, and I’ve been reaching for this product very regularly. The matte contour is the perfect shade for me, and isn’t too cool-toned so I don’t end up looking muddy. The bronzer shade is very interesting to me, as I feel it somehow transforms the contour to make it look more warm-toned, giving a nice sun-kissed and tan look.


I must say that overall, I really like both of these products, especially the Brontour duo. The highlighter palette is really good value and good quality, but if you have a deeper skintone than me, you would probably only be able to use 2 of the 6 shades as highlighters. It’s also disappointing that 2 of the shades are basically the same! Despite that, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fan brush, and I love the concept of the Brontour duo, which I’ve been using very regularly.


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