Reviewing the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette

I’ve been waiting for this to arrive for MONTHS!!!!! And now it’s finally here- the Blood Sugar palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. When I first watched the released video I was so excited because I truly think this was made for me. The eyeshadow palette is part of the Lovesick Collection that was released on Valentine’s day, with the palette itself having a medical theme (ahem perfect for a makeup-obsessed medical student like me!) and the packaging being inspired by a doctor’s medical box, with metal clasps and the shades having sweet and medical  names.


The palette is pretty sturdy, but not too heavy that it would be inconvenient to travel with. I was pretty surprised that there was no plastic sheet when I opened the case, which I depend on to make sure the palette doesn’t get messy. The palette sold out within minutes on the JSC website, so many have been anxiously waiting for their pre-order to come through. I bought mine off Beauty Bay for £46, which obviously isn’t cheap, but the palette comes with 18 sizable shades and amazing packaging.


Most people would think this palette is made for just crazy red and pink looks, but if you look at the way the palette is arranged, the top row could make a really nice neutral or bronzey eye (especially because the shade ‘Donor’ packs a real punch) and the deep Oxblood colours could make a nice autumn look.


I would say that I was happily surprised by the quality of these shadows. I don’t own any other JSC eyeshadow palettes, so I didn’t know what to expect, but the metallics were beautiful and the mattes all blended really well with the exception of ‘Extraction’ and ‘Prick’ which could be more pigmented. I really enjoyed the more duo-chrome shades such as ‘Candy Floss’, which is baby pink with a silver shift, and ‘Sweetener’ which is gold with a hot pink shift. Be warned, that a few of the brighter red and pink shadows can stain your eyelids, so if you have sensitive eyes, I’d be careful before buying this palette.

IMG_7907 (1).JPG

I created this half cut crease by using ‘Tongue Pop’, ‘Cavity’ and ‘Root Canal’ in the crease,’Extraction’ to deepen the outer corner, ‘Sweetener’ in the cut crease portion and ‘Candy Floss’ in the inner corner. I also used Stila’s Magnificent Metals as the glitter in the cut crease and JSC’s Lip in ‘Christmas Cookie’.

IMG_7901 (1)

Overall, I really like the concept and quality of this eyeshadow palette. I think it’s worth the money considering that the eyeshadow pans have a lot of product compared to other palettes such as the ABH ones (you can read my review on the Soft Glam palette here), and a variety of looks can be created. This palette is MADE for me!


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