Reviewing the Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHIP Sublime Bronze Ambition Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re a true makeup nerd, you’ll know that Pat McGrath is probably the most influential makeup artist of the 21st century. She’s been the makeup artist featured in numerous fashion magazines, attends four fashion show seasons, has worked with designers such as Prada and D&G, and not to mention does the makeup of many celebrities. In 2015, she launched her own cosmetics line, Pat McGrath Labs, which has a very unique aesthetic, combining editorial high fashion with alien.

I have ALWAYS wanted to get a Pat McGrath palette, just because I’ve heard so much about the quality (plus her promo photos and videos are just captivating) but her large eyeshadow palettes are about $125 EACH which is a splurge to say the least. When I saw she was releasing mini palettes, I thought it would be a good chance to try their formula out at a lesser price (not saying $55 is cheap, but it’s less than $125!).

I got the Bronze Ambition palette, which one of 3 new palettes, the others being the Platinum Bronze and La Vie En Rose. Bronze Ambition has shades that would make a variety of classic smokey, bronze or golden looks, which appealed to me.


As with all of the packaging from Pat McGrath Labs, it’s beautiful! The palette is made of a very sturdy cardboard with a beautiful graphic on the front, and a decent sized mirror on the inside. The only thing I didn’t like was that the plastic slip on the inside fits too snugly on top of the shadows, so you have to really pull to uncover them which may result in the shadow being dragged or smudged.


There are 6 shades in the palette, with a variety of different textures.


Above from Left to Right: Gilt Trip (Champagne golden sheen), Bronze Struck (Warm bronze metallic), Copperized (Vivid copper glitz), Illicit (Charcoal brown sheen), Throwing Shade (Terracotta velvet) and Gold Rush (Glistening gold shine).


I recreated a look from the Pat McGrath Instagram, where I used Throwing Shade in the crease, Illicit in the outer corner, Copperized on the lid and Gold Rush in the inner corner. The eyeshadows performed really well and lived up to the hype. They were extremely pigmented and the matte/satins blended effortlessly. Copperized is a beautiful shade, and was super easy to just swipe onto the lid. The only shade I wasn’t as impressed with is Gold Rush, as it wasn’t as bright as I wanted it to be. I did read later on though, that it’s meant to be more of a ‘topper’ shade.

Bronze Ambition Eyeshadow, Huda Beauty Bombshell Lipstick, Amrezy X ABH highlighter, ColourPop Parakeet blush, Glam X Cosmetics Karen lashes

Overall, I’m really pleased with this palette and it’s definitely going to be something I reach for regularly. I think the eyeshadows are very easy to work with and the colour scheme is one that would appeal to many. It would also be a really nice palette to travel with, since the palette is small yet sturdy enough to be chucked into a suitcase and you could do a lot of neutral but glam looks with it. Can’t wait to experiment more with this palette!



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