Reviewing the Anastasia Beverly Hills X Amrezy Highlighter and Soft Glam Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) has done it AGAIN with yet another velvet-clad eyeshadow palette. The release of their Soft Glam palette was actually leaked a month early on social media, so although there wasn’t as much hype surrounding it, I was still excited to get my  little bronzer-stained hands on those beautiful shades. Although I think the palette is coming to Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay soon, I bought mine directly off the ABH UK website for £43.


The palette is the same velvet packaging as ABH’s other palettes, except with a light orange-brown colour. This is very minor but, couldn’t they have gone with a rich, deep brown rather than a muddy-looking brown like this one? Anyway, I’ve never been a fan of the velvet since it gets dirty quite easily.


The palette comes with 14 shades, with a nice range of warm and cool tones. It comes with 9 mattes and 5 shimmer shades. There are 3 shades which already exist in the Modern Renaissance palette ( Tempera, Cyprus Umber and Burnt Orange) and several shades from their permanent range (Orange Soda, Dusty Rose, Sienna, Noir), so if you have a lot of these shades already, then there may not be much of a point getting this palette. That being said, the palette does really describe itself, as you could use it to create a really nice soft and natural look, or go full-on glam and smokey.

L to R: Tempera, Glistening, Orange Soda, Rose Pink, Sultry, Bronze, Mulberry
L to R: Dusty Rose, Fairy, Burnt Orange, Sienna, Rustic, Cyprus Umber and Noir

In general, the mattes are very similar to those in the Modern Renaissance palette as they’re very blendable and pigmented- especially Noir, which has to be my favourite matte black shadow to date! The shimmers are smooth but the shade Glistening is better used wet as it’s not as pigmented as the others when dry. It does however, have a really cool pink reflect. My favourite shades are Mulberry and Sultry, which I think are really unique and perform well. My least favourite shade is Orange Soda, which I felt was a lot less pigmented than the other matte shades.

I call this the “Don’t Cry Glitter Tears for Me Argentina” look
A recreation of the look I did for a ball I went to recently

These are two looks I created with the palette, the top being more ‘creative’ (i.e. I covered EVERYTHING with glitter) and the second being a recreation of a glam look I wore to a ball. I wore the ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipstick in LA Lady (read my review here) in both looks, and the Amrezy highlighter which I’m going to write about now 🙂


If you know me and have read a few of my blog posts, you know I can’t resist a good ol’ blinding highlighter! But this one is probably the most beautiful highlighter I’ve ever seen in my life. No jokes.


I don’t know much about Amrezy, nor am I a fan of her but DAMN does she know how to make something beautiful. I could look at those golden waves all day…. I’ve never been more excited to put something on my face!


The highlighter swatches to be a smooth and true metallic light gold. I wish I had a good photo of the highlight on my actual skin (Scotland is going through really terrible snowy weather at the moment, so lighting wasn’t great) but trust me when I say it is definitely worth that £29. If you don’t like a glittery highlight, but enjoy that really metallic, almost wet look, you will LOVE this. It goes on so smooth and doesn’t emphasise texture. When brushing it on, it isn’t blinding straight away, so if you wanted you could use it to create a more subtle glow. But if you keep on brushing and blending it in, it can be super blinding!

So good it’s almost pornographic

Overall, both the eyeshadow palette and highlighter are definitely at a higher price point, but I feel that you get a lot of product with the Amrezy highlighter, which is really good quality. The Soft Glam palette is also good quality, but it may be disappointing to some that half the palette is made up of existing shades. However, if you really like the colour scheme and want a versatile palette that is super blendable and easy to work with, then I’d definitely recommend it!


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