Reviewing (Almost) a Full Face of Glossier Makeup

Glossier is a New York-based brand that embodies that fresh-faced, ‘I woke up like this’ look that most people wish they could pull off (I most certainly wish I could). Their minimalist, millennial pink and white packaging has helped it become almost a cult-favourite brand among those who believe less is more.

Although I myself am a lazy girl, caking on full-coverage foundation and makeup brings me joy. However doing this everyday is sometimes just not appropriate for days I have to wake up to go for 9am clinics and I always think it’s good to let your face ‘breathe’ every once in a while. I thought I’d try out Glossier and see what this minimalist-aesthetic life is really all about.

I bought their products directly from the website, which arrived within a reasonable amount of time.  I was so excited to finally open my very own pink bubble-wrap bag just like the ones you see on Instagram!

Perfecting Skin Tint (£20)


I actually watched Jackie Aina’s video review on Glossier before I decided what to buy, so I knew this ‘foundation’ wasn’t going to be full coverage, but I thought it would be nice for everyday, just to make my skin look healthier rather than cover my blemishes. This skin tint is veeeery thin and liquidy, but I really had to squeeze the bottle to get any out. It is literally what it says it is- a skint tint rather than foundation. It did make my skin look brighter and more even, and I found it actually looked better the longer I wore it, after the skin’s natural oils melded into it. It’s not my favourite skint tint and it was quite streaky, I think there are probably better CC/BB creams out there.

Stretch Concealer (£15)


I can honestly say that this is the worst concealer I’ve ever used in my life. Not even being dramatic, I used my fingers to apply it onto the skin, and even warmed it up on my hand before doing so (to melt it) but it still made my skin look so dry!!! I’ve never seen my under-eyes and forehead look so flaky before. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS AT ALL.

Boy Brow (£14)


This tinted brow gel is one of their most ‘famous’ products. I was skeptical about using it, as I’m used to using a clear brow gel (my eyebrows are quite dark) but I think it actually looked quite nice. It gave my eyebrows a very natural, almost feathery look. It is quite pigmented so you need to be careful to wipe off any excess off the spoolie before using. I noticed the gel doesn’t dry completely, so be careful not to rub it off.

Cloud Paint (£15)

Glossier’s cream blush is also another well-known product. I chose a more nude shade, in ‘Dusk’ and it looked really nice on my skin. You can use your fingers to blend it in, or a blender sponge like I did, to make sure it goes on evenly. It’s very long lasting, and I would say is my favourite product I tried.

Haloscope (£18)

Their ‘Haloscope’ is essentially a stick highlighter, with a solid oil core for a dewy finish. I chose the shade ‘Topaz’ which I found a little too deep for me, but it made me look like I had a nice tan. The highlighter is really sticky, and doesn’t glide on that well. It also isn’t very long lasting, and disappeared almost as soon as I put it on. Worst highlighter ever, if you ask me.

Generation G (£14)

Generation G is a sheer matte lipstick that is supposed to give you that kind of K-beauty, blotted look. I chose the shade ‘Crush’ which is a raspberry colour. It was nice, but didn’t last very long.


This is what the finished ‘Glossier’ face looked like. Very healthy looking and natural, but I didn’t feel confident wearing their products. Overall I feel like there wasn’t one product I loved, and unfortunately a few products that I actually hated! I feel like the only products worth getting are the Boy Brow and the Cloud Paint. Personally, I also think that their products are very pricey for the amount and quality you’re getting. I really wish I had saved my money!


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