Reviewing the Controversial Shape Tape Matte Foundation

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, most makeup lovers would have heard about Tarte’s latest release- the long awaited, Shape Tape Foundation. Many people were so excited until they saw the terrible shade range (15 shades), that didn’t include many choices for people of colour. They released a matte range and a hydrating range.

The photo that went viral (Source: Pop Sugar)

I bought the foundation directly from Tarte’s website as soon as I woke up and saw an email (I subscribe to their newsletter) that it had come out. When I was choosing my shade, I didn’t even realise the lack of deeper shades and felt quite ashamed that I took the fact that I never have a problem finding a shade for myself for granted, whilst some don’t have that same privilege. Inclusivity is so important in the beauty industry, and brands should have a diverse range of shades to represent the fact that all skin tones are beautiful!

Anyway, rant over- if you’d like to know my thoughts on the foundation itself, please carry on reading 🙂

I bought the matte formula, as I read that it was suited for blemished skin and for those who wanted to hide pores. I have dry/combo skin, but I really wanted a foundation with good coverage.

First thing’s first, I really like the applicator for this foundation. It’s exactly the same shape as the Shape Tape Concealer applicator, and I think it’s a nice non-messy way to apply foundation. I used my Beauty Blender as always and to my surprise….


I guess Medium Sand is not my shade anymore?? I was surprised, especially because it’s winter and I’m paler than I usually am.

I look really weird and a little ashy, especially as I feel the undertone was not yellow enough for me. However, I layered some more foundation in parts I needed more coverage, and continued with my makeup routine, in the hopes that a good amount of contour and bronzer would do the trick.


This is after I finished my makeup, and can I just say, I thought I looked preeeeetty flawless. The foundation looked sooo much better after all the makeup was on (even though I still looked a tiny bit ashy). A lot of people actually complimented my makeup that day!

This is what my makeup looked like 3 hours later:


I personally thought it still looked pretty good, and that even though my face was matte, it didn’t look flat and looked quite radiant still.

This is what my face looked like at 8pm: (6 hours later)


Please excuse how dry my lips are and how tired I look! My concealer actually faded slightly, but I think my foundation looked pretty nice still.

All in all, despite the massive failure on Tarte’s behalf in terms of inclusivity and shade diversity, I actually really enjoyed this foundation, and it may even be one of my favourite full-coverage foundations! The only downfall is the that the shade isn’t yellow enough for me, and I’ll need to bronze heavily every time I put it on. Pros are that it is quite long-wearing and does cover blemishes and pores very well.


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