Battle of the Malaysian Liquid Lipsticks: Breena Beauty, Dida for Women, Velvet Vanity, Orkid Cosmetics, Glam X Cosmetics

SO… It’s taken me forever to write this post! I was back in Kuala Lumpur for my Christmas holidays and I was just enjoying being home and in the heat way too much to actually sit down and write. When I was back, I took a trip to Fahrenheit mall to the new Play Up Advance store, which is basically like a Sephora for Asian brands from Korea, Japan and Thailand, and of course local Malaysian beauty brands.


I noticed the most common item that these Malaysian brands sell are liquid lipsticks which made me want to test a liquid lip from 5 popular brands against each other to find the one I like the best, and share my thoughts.

Dida for Women, RM45

Shade: I chose the shade “Pixie” which to me is a mauve-y nude. I regret choosing a nude from Dida, as I actually think they have a huge selection of really cool shades, from dark berries to even metallic browns.

Formula: The lipstick had really great pigmentation, and I only needed one dip into the tube. Personally, the formula of this lipstick was way too dry. After a few hours, it became quite crusty and uncomfortable.

Longevity: The lipstick lasted for about 4 hours until lunch, as it completely came off after eating.

Velvet Vanity, RM59

Shade: I bought the shade “Legit”- a plum mauve colour. I actually have almost all the liquid lipsticks from Velvet Vanity (I wrote a full review on them which you can read here) because I just love the shades they have! They are all wearable but really unique colours.

Formula: The Velvet Vanity formula is super creamy and comfortable and glides on like butter! It is also super pigmented and has a yummy smell.

Longevity: Unfortunately, I find that Velvet Vanity lipsticks are the least long-wearing, probably because the formula is so creamy. It comes off even after just drinking water, which sucks because if they were more long wearing they’d definitely be number 1 on my list. However, because I like their shades and formula so much, I don’t actually mind reapplying more often.

Orkid Cosmetics, RM39

Shade: I chose the shade “Mars” which is described to be a deep rose. The shades they have are nice but nothing screamed out as unique to me.

Formula: I was a little bit disappointed with the formula of this lipstick, as I didn’t find it very pigmented and kept needing to dip into the tube again and again to get the finish I wanted. However, I liked the feel of this on the lips as it feels more like a stain then a matte or sticky lipstick.

Longevity: It lasted quite a while, but did fade slightly after I had lunch. However, it didn’t completely disappear which is nice.

Breena Beauty, RM39

Shade: I bought the shade “Kindness” which is a brownish berry. I feel that Breena Beauty’s shades are all quite similar, without much range.

Formula: I was really pleasantly surprised by how richly pigmented the lipstick was. It goes on very creamy but dries to a comfortable matte which isn’t too drying.

Longevity: I wore this lipstick to a brunch and I was so surprised that it was just as pigmented on my lips after I ate! It also lasted for quite a few hours after that.

Glam X Cosmetics, RM59

Shade: This was actually not a new purchase for me, as the shade “Chestnut” has become the lipstick I wear almost everyday! It’s described to be a dusty rose but for me, it almost matches the shade of my lips like a ‘your-lips-but-better’ shade. Glam X Cosmetics does not have a large shade range, as it only has 4 matte shades and 4 metallics.

Formula: The formula of this lipstick is very unique, as I feel like it doesn’t actually dry down matte (although it looks matte). It dries to a sticky-ish finish which I personally don’t mind as my lips never feel or look dry when I wear it.

Longevity: In my opinion, this lipstick takes the cake when it comes to longevity! I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve eaten a 7-course meal with this lipstick and it hasn’t budged! Their red shade, “Coquelicot” is the only red shade I will wear when I’m having a large meal because I can trust that it won’t smudge or make my lips look messy.

In Conclusion…

Best Shade Range: Dida for Women and Velvet Vanity- these brands definitely have a great shade range of wearable and unique colours.

Best Formula: Breena Beauty- I actually can’t wait to purchase more lipsticks from Breena Beauty, as they are one of the few matte liquid lipsticks that actually don’t make my lips feel dry and I just love how pigmented they were!

The Most Long Lasting: I tried not to be biased but Glam X Cosmetics wins this category by a landslide! If you’d like to purchase anything from Glam X Cosmetics you can use the code GLAMXIMAN for 10% off your purchase 🙂



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