Reviewing the Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Lipsticks (Candy Venom and Spanked)

Fenty Beauty has done it again and released 14 new matte lipsticks in colours ranging from your trusty nude to a bold green. Having tried out the ‘Stunna Lip Paint’ and not liked it (mainly due to the ridiculous shape of the applicator and how easily it wore off- you can see my instagram post on it here), I wasn’t expecting much from the new lipsticks that claimed to be comfortable yet long-wearing. I bought mine from Sephora Malaysia for RM85 (£16), which about the normal price for a lipstick.


The lipsticks are of a similar size and shape to the Hyper-Glitz Lipsticks Fenty came out with, but silver in colour. I never really talk/care too much about packaging, but they feel really cheap and lightweight. The shape of the stick itself could have been more pointed at one end to make application around the cupid’s bow more precise, but it doesn’t bother me that much, and I was able to apply it easily.


I bought the shades ‘Spanked’ (a dusty rose) and ‘Candy Venom’ (a hot pink). I was tempted to buy the more out-there shades such as the blues, but I thought I’d play it safe for this one. What I immediately notice from swatching them is that they are extremely pigmented! They look beautiful on the lips, and are matte yet not drying. They do remind me of ColourPop’s Lippiestix, so if you’re on a lower budget, those might be a great alternative to this (but they may not have blue and green shades).


This is what they look like on the lips. I think they somehow make your lips look very smooth and lush. They do last a while, but bare in mind that they do transfer and fade after eating. Overall, I really like these lipsticks and really enjoy wearing them.


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