Reviewing the ColourPop Supernova Eyeshadows and Element of Surprise Palette

ColourPop is one of those brands that as soon as you’ve ordered their latest collection, they come out with something new! Even though their Supernova eyeshadow isn’t one of their newest releases (I’m eyeing the new Kathleen lights palette as we speak), it is definitely a very new formula that I’ve only just tested out. I also decided to get their “Element of Surprise” palette ($16), as a few of the shades really caught my eye.


The packaging of the eyeshadow makes it look a little bit like their lip products.The applicator however, is much flatter than the doe foot applicator of their lipstick.


This is the ‘Element of Surprise’ Palette. I feel like you could create a variety of looks with this palette. This palette has all four finishes- metallic, matte, satin and duochrome. The pink and metallic purple would seem out of place, but I actually think they do go well the other shades- it is called the element of surprise after all!


Swatches of the palette. As always, the quality of ColourPop’s shadows are really nice- super blendable and pigmented.


I got the shades ‘Dragon’ (Top) and ‘Hard to Empress’ (Bottom). Unlike the Stila Magnificent Metals liquid eyeshadow (you can read my review here), these are more metallic, and very shiny without much actual glitter in them.

I decided to do an eye look using both the palette and Supernova shadow. I used the warm tones from the palette for my crease and outer eye ‘V’ and popped both shades of the Supernova shadow on the lid.

I initially directly put the liquid eyeshadows onto my eye using the applicator which worked fine. To carve out a more precise shape, I then went in with a flat brush. I found that I really had to layer it on as I wasn’t happy with the pigmentation. They dried down fine, but I realised that I somehow got fall out everywhere! I didn’t expect that from a cream shadow, but I think it crumbled whilst I was trying to blend out the edges. Thus, I think although it did look nice in the end, you do have to work a bit to get full pigmentation, and you have to work fast to avoid the eyeshadow crumbling. Overall, I think Stila’s Magnificent Metals eyeshadow is much easier to use, but they do cost a lot more than the ColourPop eyeshadows, which are $7 each.


The end result!


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