Reviewing the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation and Mauve Obsessions Palette

So my holiday tan has faded, and my acne and skin in general has gotten sufficiently worse, so I thought this would be the best time to try out the newest foundation that has gotten so much hype for being one of the most full coverage ones out there! Huda Beauty has released their new “#FauxFilter” foundation in 30 different shades (not quite as many as Fenty Beauty, but still very impressive).

This foundation has been so hyped up (as many of Huda’s products are) especially as it’s meant to be so full coverage and cover breakouts, scarring, dark spots and even tattoos if you wanted to. I got mine from Selfridges for £32, making it a more pricey foundation compared to the coverage foundation from the Ordinary I reviewed recently.

The packaging is great for travel, as it’s made from sturdy plastic rather than glass, and has a pump, which is always a plus in my opinion. I chose the shade “Amaretti 310G” just by guessing, as this was before Huda released a shade comparison chart which compares shades to those by Fenty, MAC and Too Faced. Although it’s not a bad match, I think I could’ve gone a shade deeper in 320G instead.


Huda also released a primer and brush as well, but I feel like I really have no use for another primer and I prefer a beauty blender over a brush. However I did apply half of my face with a beauty blender and half with a brush, just to see which was better. Of course the brush gave a lot more coverage, but I think it works well with either. I only had to use one pump to cover my whole face and the coverage was pretty good. Although it did cover my blemishes and dark spots, I think it actually didn’t do much for texture at all, and my pores still looked quite large!! Also, because it’s coming into Winter and my skin is pretty dry, it accentuated my dry skin even more. I would recommend moisturising really well before hand, and using a very moisturising primer like the Too Faced Hangover primer if you have dry skin.



I have read reviews that say that you shouldn’t set this foundation if you have dry skin, so I didn’t set my skin with powder except for the places I applied concealer. Despite it being matte, I must say my skin still did have a nice glow. This foundation is definitely not for those who like a more natural look, as you do look like you’re wearing makeup with this on. After doing the rest of my makeup, it looked really nice, and I had no trouble layering on top of it. My boyfriend said I looked really good!


This is after about 6 hours of wear time. I felt like the foundation faded and my blemishes started to show again. I also think my pores looked HUGE and it was breaking up around my dry areas. I think overall this foundation is only good for short periods of time when you want full coverage, like a special event, as it does look amazing but doesn’t last for long.


I tried another day of this foundation, but this time mixed half a pump of this with half a pump of the Ordinary’s coverage foundation. I thought the oily texture of the Ordinary foundation would match well with the matte finish of the Huda one. It looked amazing! Overall, I think this foundation is not with those with dry skin, but a dream for those with oily skin who want full coverage.


Fits in the palm of my hand

I also bought the Mauve Obsessions palette for £25. It is a mini palette of 9 pans that fits in the palm of your hand. It comes with a mirror and plastic sleeve, which is really good for travel or if you want to keep it in your handbag!


Along with the Mauve Obsessions, there are also palettes in Smokey Obsessions, Electric Obsessions and Warm Brown Obsessions. I chose Mauve as I don’t really have a palette of this colour scheme. The eyeshadows are of the same quality of the Desert Dusk palette (check out my review here), and are easy to blend and pigmented. You could definitely create a complete eye look with this. The only issue I have with this is the price for the size of the palette. Huda Beauty is not a cheap brand so £25 would seem fair, but I think some people may be dissatisfied with the small pans. I would only recommend this if you don’t want to commit to buying one of her big palettes and like the colour schemes that they have, as the quality is really good. I am SO tempted to get the electric palette, but I’m gonna resist for the time being.


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