Reviewing The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

The Ordinary is a brand well-known for their functional yet affordable skincare, offering products that seem very ‘clinical’. They’ve recently released a new foundation (or ‘colour’ as they like to call it) which claims to be high-coverage but lightweight, for an attractive price of only £5.90! I’m a big fan of their Rosehip oil, and have heard good things about their skincare in general and so decided to try it out.


Looks very minimalist and clinical. I like that it has a pump which can be locked (good for travel-I brought my Too Faced Born this Way foundation on holiday and it made a mess in my wash bag!). I got the shade 2.1Y- Medium with Yellow undertones, and hoped it would match my skin tone even though I’ve tanned recently. I would say it matched quite well.


On the skin it looks… like skin! It’s very natural looking, and initially looks more dewy looking than matte. I used one pump which easily covered my whole face (they have many claims surrounding the ‘spreadability’ of the foundation) but I did feel like the coverage was more of the light to medium side. This surprised me as it claims to be a very pigmented, high-coverage foundation.

I used my fingers to spread on the foundation (as recommended) which worked really well, although it was a little messy. I finished it off by bouncing my beauty blender over it to get rid of any streaks.


After I finished the rest of my face I had a good look. It definitely is not a high-coverage foundation as you can see my large acne scar in the top picture. However, I did notice it evened out my skin tone dramatically, and looks quite natural. My boyfriend mentioned I looked particularly good that day, and even said it looked like I wasn’t wearing much makeup (even though I was!). I feel that the foundation became more matte after layering on other products, but not too matte that it became cakey.


This is after about 5 hours of wear. I didn’t expect the foundation to last long anyway as I forgot to put on primer before the foundation (which I usually do). I feel the coverage on the lower half of my face has worn away, probably from eating, but the top half still looks quite good. I feel like my face isn’t as oily as usual too.

Overall, I like this foundation and think I’ll use it for when I want a natural and everyday look, as the coverage isn’t as full as I would’ve liked it to be. I think that it’s really good for the price though, and if you were on a tight budget this would definitely be great for you. It isn’t the best foundation I’ve tried, but it definitely isn’t the worst!

UPDATE: I’ve been trying this foundation everyday, using a hydrating primer, and it works SO WELL now! Looks like my skin but better and I just layer a few dots over the areas I need coverage. Would deffs recommend with a hydrating primer for best results.



2 thoughts on “Reviewing The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

  1. Such a useful review!! Thank you for sharing. I’ve been curious about buying The Ordinary’s foundation because if the skincare benefits and now I definitely have to get it. My skin leans more towards oily during the summertime but I’ll still try to use it with a hydrating primer and see how it works out.


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