Reviewing the Desi X Katy Dose of Colors Collection

I’ve always been a big fan of YouTube and use it religiously for makeup reviews, inspiration for looks and for recommendations by YouTubers. Desi and Katy are two of my favourite YouTubers, and I love their flawless and glowing looks. When I heard they were releasing a collaboration collection with Dose of Colors, I knew their products would be good, especially because Desi in particular is a major perfectionist, and I knew she wouldn’t release anything that was less than perfect.


I ordered direct from the Dose of Colors website. The package arrived on time, but was held by customs as I needed to pay a fee. The packaging was beautiful and everything was nicely wrapped. I bought the highlighter in ‘Mirame’, the liquid lipstick in ‘Hot Fire’, the creamy lipstick in ‘More Creamer Please’ and ‘The Girls’ eyeshadow palette.

The lipstick in ‘More Creamer Please’ really intrigued me as it was supposed to suit more caramel skin tones like Desi’s. This formula is supposed to be new, and I found it glided on really nicely. However, I think the shade looked a little strange on me and kinda resembled ‘foundation lips’. I think with a liner it’d look nicer.


‘Hot Fire’ is a really nice and bright orangey-red. I really liked it, but my boyfriend thought it looked very very bright, so may be more suited for nighttime or special events. The formula of the lipstick is different from the normal Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks, as it’s much drier. I prefer the normal formula to this one.


‘Mirame’ is a highlighter meant for more medium skin tones (like mine).  It’s a pinky-caramel gold, and is super blinding! I really love the radiant and sunkissed look it gives the face. It’s very smooth and long-wearing too.


‘The Girls’ eyeshadow palette is a quad of four shimmer shadows. I love that they’re named after the girls’ dogs (because dogs are the best) and are in very wearable but unique shades. It came with a card on how to best use each shadow, which I appreciate. ‘Suz’ and ‘Harpoon’ are meant to be used wet, and I can see why, as they are quite crumbly when dry. When wet they are very smooth and pigmented. ‘Turbosan’ and ‘Noli’ are meant to be used dry and they work perfectly. My favourite shades are Turbosan and Harpoon as I think they are really unusual, as Turbosan is a chocolate-purple whilst Harpoon is a green-grey.

Overall my favourite items from the collection are the eyeshadow palette and highlighter. The whole collection will be restocked on the Dose of Colors website for a final time in October so you’ll be able to get your hands on it soon!



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