Reviewing FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna

So I’m feeling pretty ill today, but as soon as I realised that Fenty Beauty launched today, I rushed to my nearest Harvey Nichols to get my hands on some of their products!

The display at the Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh

I always hesitate buying overhyped products, but the fact that Rihanna’s brand Fenty has collaborated with so many other well-known brands and in so many different types of products, I had high hopes that their standard would be maintained when it comes to beauty. Fenty Beauty is available online, as well as Harvey Nichols and Sephora stores worldwide.

The whole concept of Fenty Beauty is to cater to a variety of skin tones (they have 40 foundation shades!) so with every product they have shades to fit light, medium, tan and deep skin types. I really like this concept, as I really feel like beauty should be accessible to everyone and really empathise with those who can never find shades to meet their skin needs.

Although I was curious as to how the foundation performs, I have way too many at the moment. I decided to get the Match Stix Trio in “Medium 200” (£46), the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo (£26) and a single Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in “Trophy Wife” (£26).

These are the Match Stix, which I got in a trio. It’s way better value to get them in a trio for £46, than individually for £26. I love their pale pink packaging (almost remniscent of the KKBeauty contour kits) and it’s pretty cool that its magnetic so they all stick together.

I was shade-matched and found that I suited the Medium 200 trio, which includes a concealer shade in “Bamboo”, a contour shade in “Mocha” and a highlighter in “Trippin”. I actually think these shades were a pretty good match for me. If you go to the Fenty Beauty website, you can actually custom make your own trio if you don’t suit the premade ones.

I applied the sticks directly onto the skin like so. If you haven’t checked out my post on my contour routine, you can do so here. The sticks glided pretty easily on the skin.

This is how it looked blended out. I must say it did take more of an effort to blend out than my usual Benefit Hoola Contour stick, but I like the natural contour look it gave. Next time, I may use a brush instead of a beauty blender to see if it blends better.

This is what the “Trippin” highlighter looks like. I applied directly onto the skin before patting it in with a finger. It’s beautiful! The site describes it as being a ‘gold-glazed apricot’, which is a spot-on description. It’s not the most blinding highlight ever but it gives a really nice soft glow.

Onto the Killawatt Highlight duo. I got the duo with the shades “Girl Next Door” and “Chic Phreak”. Girl Next Door is described to be a ‘soft pink sheen’ whilst Chic Phreak is a ‘Supercharged Peachy Pink Shimmer’. I find that Girl Next Door is more cool-toned whilst Chic Phreak is more warm toned.

Above is Girl Next Door. It is definitely a slightly icy highlight, which surprises me as this is acually the duo catering for more tan skin than mine. It is a softer glow than Chic Phreak, but is still pretty glowy.

Above is Chic Phreak. I think this is my preferred shade from the duo as I think the warmer tone compliments my skin better. It is very blinding golden glow!

Speaking of gold, the Killawatt highlighter in “Trophy Wife” is gold af.  I don’t have a yellow gold highlighter like this in my collection, so I was really intrigued by it.

It’s described to be a “3D hypermetallic gold” on the skin.

After applying this, I looked CRAZY! This is not a highlighter, this is face glitter! Instead of being metallic as described, it’s super glittery and looks so strange as a highlighter as it leaves streaks of glitter on the skin. It definitely can’t be used on the cupid’s bow and nose, and unless you like a chunky glittery look, should be used sparingly on the cheek. I must say, it looked really nice on the eyes, so I probably would use it as an eyeshadow rather than a highlighter. It’s such a shame as I really love the unusual colour on the skin, it’s just the glitter that I don’t like.

Overall I’m impressed by Fenty Beauty. Apart from the “Trophy Wife” highlighter, I really liked all the products I got and now I’m super curious about the foundation!! Can’t wait to see what’s next in store for the brand.


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