Contouring Two Ways: My Everyday Vs. My Full Contour Routine

Although the contour trend has come and gone, I have only JUST gotten the hand of cream contouring! I thought I’d share my two different routines for contouring, one more for a soft and everyday look, and one for a more dramatic look for special events.

I did half of my face with softer contour, the other with more structured so you can see the difference (also I wasn’t bothered to do a full face for each!).

My Everyday Contour Routine:

This is a simpler and softer contour routine that even beginners can follow. My favourite products for this include Benefit’s Hoola Quickie Cream Contour Stick and their Hoola powder bronzer.


The Hoola Quickie Stick has been a life-changer for me, and allows me to contour super quickly with no fuss at all. It is very creamy and blendable, and the stick itself is just super convenient. However, the cream stick isn’t very secure in the case and can fall out from time to time.


The shade of this is cool-toned enough to work for contouring, but warm enough that isn’t doesn’t look muddy when I blend it out with a beauty sponge. Unfortunately I don’t think this shade will work with deeper skin tones, and they only currently have one shade for this contour stick.


I don’t use a cream brightener when I do everyday contouring, so I just use my new favourite concealer- NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade custard.


This is where I contour for a soft look: the cheek bones, jaw, forehead and rarely, the nose. After, I set the contour with Hoola powder for a light bronze.

My Full Contour Routine:

My full-on contour routine is not that much longer, but it looks way more dramatic than my everyday look. I use the cream contour palette from Iconic London for my base, and if I’m not lazy I also use their Evo Sculpt Brushes.


As you can see it’s been well-used!

This contour palette comes with 3 brightening shades and 3 sculpting shades. The brightening shades come with different undertones- one with a peach undertone, one with a yellow undertone and one which is almost white. I usually use the yellower one for under the eyes. The sculpting shades come in a medium cool-toned shade, a medium warm-toned shade and a dark cool-tone shade. I usually use the medium-warm toned shade as cool tones make me look a little muddy.


Just some swatches of the shade range. I think you could use this for many skin tones, and you can mix the lightest and darkest shades with any other creams to deepen or lighten them.


I contour the cheeks, forehead, nose and jaw, and highlight underneath the cheek and eyes, chin and forehead.


I was always so intrigued by oval brushes and how they compare to normal brushes, so I had to purchase these. They are said to be dupes for the Artiste oval brushes (which are hella expensive). I like the quality of these, as they are soft yet maintain their shape and blend creams well. I use circular and dragging motions with these brushes.


To set the contour, I use the cool-toned shade in “Bo$$Lady” from the Pixi X Maryam Maquillage Strobe and Sculpt palette. It blends so easily and surprisingly does not make me look muddy. It also comes with a warm-toned contour powder “Queen”, a shimmery bronzer “Minx”, a highlighter “Honey-Bunny” (which I don’t like), a shimmery blush “Caviar Dreams” (which I do like) and a yellowy matte brightening powder “Baby Chick”.


My favourite powder contour brush which I also use for blush and bronzer is my Sigma F23 Soft Angled Contour brush. It’s just the perfect shape for contour and bronzing.


If it is a special occasion, I do also like to bake underneath my cheek contour and eyes using my Laura Mercier Translucent Powder.

This is a comparison between the softer contour (right) and the more structured contour (left).


I’m wearing the blush from the Pixi X Maryam palette, and highlighter from Jouer (you can see my previous post where I reviewed this) to complete the look.


I hope you can see the difference between the more dramatic (left) and the softer look (right)! I had to practice cream contouring a lot before I finally got it, but I’m super happy with the results.


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