Reviewing the Jouer Skinny Dip Highlighter and High Pigment Gloss

The matte lip trend has been going on for a while now, so I’ve started to look towards more satin or glossy lipsticks recently. The problem I always find with glosses though, are that they are just too gooey and sticky, with usually very little pigment. So when Jouer came out with their new “High Pigment Gloss” formula, I was intrigued to try them out and see if this would be a gloss I actually like.

About a month ago, Cult Beauty were having a promotion, that with every spend of £35 from Jouer they’d give a free Jouer “Skinny Dip Lip Topper”. I’ve always wanted to try their highlighters and new lip gloss out so I thought I’d go for it. I bought their Skinny Dip highlighter (£19) and a high pigment gloss (£17).

I was so happy when I got my stuff! BUT THEN THE WORST THING HAPPENED TO ME.


DO YOU SEE THIS?! My poor highlighter was all crumbled and so broken… I did my best to press the fine powder back into the pan, so it still is usable but I was so upset :((((

The packaging is very light and simple. I’ve said many times that I dislike plastic-y packaging but I guess it means it would travel well (if it does break up into a million pieces, that is). The mirror is nice and of a good quality too.



Skinny Dip is a really nice peachy gold that I think is quite unique. It definitely gives that radiant summer glow (that I crave, ALWAYS). It’s also pretty blinding! The whole day I was wearing this, my friends commented on how on-point my glow was.

Now for the glosses. They come in the typical Jouer packaging, which is very sleek-looking and I like that it’s different from any other brand’s tube. I bought two high-pigment glosses and was given a free lip topper.

The consistency of the gloss is very different to anything i’ve ever tried before. Rather than being a thick, goopy gloss, it feels more like a liquid lipstick that hasn’t dried yet, with a bit more slip. I really like the consistency and how comfortable it is- you definitely don’t find yourself constantly trying to unstick your lips!

The only downside I found with these is that they’re not very long wearing, and do come off very easily even when not eating or drinking.

Swatches with and without flash, from top to bottom: Sloane Gloss, Champs Elysees Gloss, Skinny Dip Lip Topper.

As you can see, the glosses do live up to the name of being very highly pigmented. Champs elysees has become my favourite nude gloss. Sloane is more of a deep coral, and looks just a tad bright on me. The Lip Topper is beautiful, and is a peachy gloss with gold glitter. I found it looked a bit too much when worn all over the lips, so I like to just put it on the cupid’s bow and bottom lip to give a juicy-looking effect.

Overall, the highlighter is faultless and I love it so much! The glosses are pigmented and comfortable, but not long wearing. I like to pair them with a lip liner underneath to try overcome this and it seems to work! The lip topper is definitely pretty but is only a must have if you love the shiny lip look.


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