Reviewing the Stila Cosmetics Heaven’s Hue Highlighter and Magnificent Metals Glitter Eyeshadow

So let’s cut to the chase. I. AM. ADDICTED. TO. HIGHLIGHTERS. And have a massive collection to prove it. But…. I can’t help buying new highlighters that have unique in terms of colour or formula, and so my collection keeps on growing!

I am a fan of the YouTuber, LauraLee and she always raves on about the Stila Heaven’s Hue “Putty” Highlighter and how much she loves it, so I decided to try it for myself!

As for the Magnificent Metals Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow, it’s another product that is constantly raved about, and since for some reason it’s banned in Malaysia (anyone know why?), I couldn’t wait to try it once I got to the UK.

Stila packaging always seems so cheap to me, and I always get a bit disappointed when packaging feels too light. Anyway, this is what the highlighter looks like, and I like that it comes with a mini plastic half-dome to protect the putty.


Just imagine how satisfying it was for me to stick my finger in that.. The consistency is actually firmer than I imagined it to be, but it is definitely a ‘putty’ texture. Stila recommends using fingers, a sponge or a synthetic brush to apply it. I used my fingers and then my sponge, and both worked out well.


I apologise for my crap uni accommodation lighting, but trust me this highlighter is beautiful. I would say that even though it is a blinding highlighter, it manages to look pretty natural due to the texture.


The shade I bought, “Kitten”, is described to be a champagne colour which is accurate. On me, it looks almost colourless as it is super close to my skin tone, but in a way I kinda like that.


Now for the eyeshadow. I’ve been wanting to try these for suuuuuch a long time, and I was so excited to finally get my hands on them. I got the shades in “Rose Gold Retro” and “Kitten Karma” (what’s with Stila and Kittens??). When I looked at them in the tube, I was a bit disappointed as I thought they were very similar in colour, but once I swatched them you could clearly tell the difference.


Top to Bottom: Rose Gold Retro, Kitten Karma (looks chunky in the pic but I think thats my fault as I didn’t stir it up as much).

Rose Gold Retro is a rose coloured cream with silver glitter. I think it would’ve better if the actual glitter itself was gold, but it is still very beautiful. Kitten Karma is a champagne coloured cream with silver and copper glitter. They both glided on very smoothly, with the glitter being very fine and not too chunky.


Rose Gold Retro on the left, Kitten Karma on the right.

Stila says you could layer this on top of a powder eyeshadow, but I feel it’s so pigmented that you don’t need to! They don’t dry down straight away, so you do get time to blend them out so it looks seamless on.

Overall, I’m glad my venture into the world of cream products was successful on this occasion as I really enjoy using these products!

Below is just a pink monochrome look I did for a night out using the Rose Gold Retro cream shadow, and Colourpop matte pink single pressed eyeshadows. The lippie is “Chestnut” by GlamX cosmetics, and you can use my code GLAMXIMAN for 10% off on all their products!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


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