Reviewing the Huda Beauty Lip Strobe and Summer Solstice Highlighter Palette

As soon as I arrived in London, I knew I had to make a trip to Harrods to get my hands on the Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Collection, which had just launched that day. Although I have no excuse to buy a new highlighter (you can read my post on my highlighter collection here) I was just so intrigued by the pink/purple highlighters in this palette.

I bought the highlighter palette from Harrods, which was priced at £40 (RM223). Definitely a splurge, but I had always wanted to try a Huda highlighter palette. Huda Beauty is sold in Harrods and Selfridges in London, but also on which ships to Malaysia internationally. I actually got the Lip Strobe from Cult Beauty, in the shade “Boujee” which was £17.


Looove the packaging!

Time for some finger swatches!


From Top to Bottom: Mykonos, Copacabana, Malibu and Saint-Tropez.


My favourite shades are definitely Copacabana and Mykonos, just because they are so unique! I know that Mykonos in particular may scare some people just because it looks so magenta, but the formula actually brushes on quite lightly so that it gives more of a purple sheen rather than a bright purple streak across the face. I’m not too keen on the cream formula in Saint-Tropez, just because I find it a bit too creamy when applied with my finger.


This is what all the shades look like together on the face. I know my lighting isn’t that great, but I promise you that the purple is so soft and interesting!

Now for the Lip Strobe…


I’m a holosexual, so the packaging definitely appeals to me!


This is what the shade Boujee looks like. It is very pigmented but it’s definitely not my fave gloss, as it is sticky, and it more glittery than metallic. I saw that Huda herself recommended blotting the lips after to make it look more matte, but I felt like it just took away colour and didn’t look that great.

All in all, a big YES to the highlighter palette and a NO to the Lip Strobe.


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