Reviewing the Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation

So, I’m not really that into drug store makeup. Not because I’m a snob or anything, but I get so scared that drug store products such as foundations would give me a break-out, as it has happened before. However, I heard such rave reviews that the Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless was a drugstore dupe for the MAC Studio Fix foundation, so since then I’ve been really wanting to try it. I actually can’t wear Studio Fix as it gives me really bad breakouts, and I was SO ANNOYED because y’all know how expensive MAC is!! So I figured, might as well try this since its waaaaay cheaper.

So I got this 30ml bottle from Guardian (a malaysian pharmacy) after not being able to find it ANYWHERE!!! For my Malaysian friends, I found this at the Guardian in BSC Bangsar.

I like the glass packaging except for the fact that it has no pump 😦 I had to awkwardly and carefully pour out a little on the back of my hand and dip my beauty sponge in, which was annoying as I actually ended up using more product than I needed.

Now, the hardest part for me was trying to find a shade, especially as it was hard to do this in the pharmacy plus with the testers also had NO PUMPS!

I ended up buying the shade “Soft Tan”, as it had a nice yellow undertone to it. At home, I compared this with my Too Faced Born This Way foundation in “Sand” and my NARS ADLW foundation in”Stromboli”. I actually think “Soft Tan” was the perfect shade for me, as it was a good middle between the two foundations I already had.

Top to Bottom: Fit Me foundation in Soft Tan, Born This Way in Sand, ADLW in Stromboli

This is after using a beauty sponge to apply it.



And this is what it looked like with my makeup completed.


Price: I bought this for about RM35 (an estimate because I lost my receipt!) but I found online that it retails in the US for $7.99. I think that’s amazing, as you get 30ml which is the same amount as my other foundations.

Application: The consistency of the foundation was more liquid-y than my Born This Way, but not as much as my ADLW. I felt like the amount I poured on the back of my hand was way more than I needed. I used a beauty sponge and it did well.

Coverage: The coverage is medium to full, as my complexion was definitely more even but a few darker acne scars did show through. I think you can definitely build it up though without it looking cakey. Maybelline claims that this refines pores and I do agree that my pores did look smaller whilst wearing this.

Finish: This claims to have a natural, seamless finish, to which I do agree. Despite the name, I don’t think the foundation is too matte (like the Re(marc)able foundation was) and I liked the way it made my skin look healthy.

Layering: The foundation layered well with powders on top.

Does it last?: I did wear this foundation the whole day, and took pictures every few hours to show you how it help up.

After 5 Hours:

IMG_1905I’m a little bit shiny in my T-zone, but bear in mind I was outdoors a lot (Malaysia is super hot and humid). I was actually impressed because usually I would be a lot oilier, believe it or not!

After 8 Hours:


This is 8 hours later, after blotting with tissue once. I feel like I was less oily than when I tried out the Marc Jacobs foundation. I actually think the foundation did a good job, especially since I was in the sun a lot.

VERDICT: would I buy it?

I actually really enjoyed this foundation, as the shade matched me perfectly and I enjoyed the natural, healthy finish. It also did not break me out, which was a relief for me! If you have combination/oily skin I think this would do a great job for you, at a really good price.


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