Reviewing the Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate

As someone who hasn’t found their holy grail foundation yet, I was eager to try out the sample of Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate I received with one of my Sephora packages. I’ve seen that this foundation has gotten a lot of mixed reviews and was interested to see what it was really like.


I got this little sample card from Sephora Malaysia, which included satchets of 3 shades: Bisque Light, Beige Medium and Honey Medium. As someone with a medium skin tone with olive/yellow undertones I knew bisque light was gonna be just too light for me, so decided to try the other two.

As a reference, I’m the shade “Stromboli” in the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless foundation, and “Sand” in the Too Faced Born This Way foundation.


I swatched Honey Medium on the left and Beige Medium on the right. It’s quite clear that the yellow undertone of Honey Medium matched my skin tone a lot better, but I decided to do half of each shade just to see.

Honey Medium on left half, Beige Medium on right. Beige Medium was definitely too light!


It’s quite an obvious difference between the two. Beige Medium was slightly too light, and made me look so ashy! Honey Medium was still a little light for me, but blended with my skin tone much better.


This is after I applied Honey Medium to both sides. I initially used my fingers to spread the foundation to my whole face before dabbing with a beauty blender to make it look seamless. This foundation claims to cover the whole face in as little as one dot, and I must say I do agree! The sample I got was definitely more than one dot, but I didn’t need much to cover my whole face. The foundation did dry quite quickly though, so you really need to work it in fast.

Price: Although I only tried a sample, I managed to find out that the retail price is $55/RM250, which is a steep price for foundation. However, if it only takes one drop for a full face, then it should be worth the price and last a long time.

Application: On the site it says it works best with a buffing brush, but I hate using brushes for foundation, and found that fingers+BB worked really well without being streaky.

Coverage: This is definitely a full coverage foundation. I do have some acne scarring on both my cheeks, but I feel like it covered the scars and uneven pigmentation really well. It really did make my skin look flawless!

Finish: This is an oil-free foundation meant for oily skin. I asked my sister what she thought of my foundation, and she actually said she thought it looked too matte, and that she didn’t like how fake my skin looked! I think this is definitely a foundation for special occasions rather than everyday wear (unless you like the super matte finish). It was obvious I was wearing makeup, unlike more natural foundations such as the Too Faced Born This Way.

Layering: My sister actually said to me that she felt like my highlight and blush didn’t look as well-blended as it usually would, and that it looked like that rather than melding in with the foundation, it just sat on top of it. I think it did look better once the way went on and my natural face oils (sorry if that sounds gross!) mixed in with the foundation.

Does it last?: The foundation did not fade the whole day BUT I did notice that my skin was way more oily than usual. I thought that was super weird for an oil free foundation. I do find however, that if I wear a super matte foundation I produce more oil than usual. Is that normal?!

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Above with my face of full makeup. I’m wearing the GLAMX beauty Bourgeoisie eye palette, Bae Day Blush and Deity highlighter. You can use the code GLAMXIMAN for 10% on ! I’m also wearing the Velvet Vanity liquid lipstick in Peach Perfect (I wrote a review on Velvet Vanity so go check it out!)

VERDICT- would I buy it?

Although I love how flawless it made my skin look, I wouldn’t buy this foundation if you had combination or dry skin. I think it just didn’t mix with my weird skin type, but would definitely work for those with a super oily complexion, or if you wanted to cover up acne/acne scars.


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