Colourpop Cosmetics Pressed Shadow Palettes

I am a big fan of Colourpop Cosmetics. I would even say that they were the brand that really got me into makeup, and started this whole addiction! I love that they are an affordable brand with good quality makeup, and that they always come out with new and fun collections and collabs.

I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on their newest pressed eyeshadow palettes- the Blow Me Away palette from their Nectar Spring collection; the Sonya Esman Gemini By Night palette; the iluvsarahii $aucey palette and 4 of the shades from their new summer collection.


I made this order after they released their “Yes Please” 12 pan eyeshadow palette, and so my order was really delayed, along with many many other customers, which is normal after a big launch. I am always impressed with the Colourpop customer service, and got a prompt reply after I complained. They also sent in an apology note with my package and included two sample size Ultra Satin Lipsticks in “London Fog” and “Dopey”. I thought it was a nice touch!


“Blow Me Away” Palette

This palette is from the ‘Nectar’ launch of the Spring ’17 three-part collection. I think this was my favourite from the Spring ’17 collection, and I really enjoy the pressed blush and highlighter duo from this launch too.


I think this is a really fun but wearable colour combo. I must say, the ‘nectar’ colours can border on being a little neon, but I actually really love how bright they are. I have no issues with the quality of any of these shadows, but be warned that the two nectar colours do have some kick back.

Bright artificial light
Natural light

From Top to Bottom: Take a Break (Satin), Issues, Centerfold and Slim Fit (All the rest matte)

Sonya Esman “Gemini By Night” Palette

When Colourpop released this collab I honestly had no idea who Sonya Esman was… but I like the colours she created for this palette! I think its definitely very wearable and could be worn everyday for sure.


All of these shadows are very smooth, and the pigmentation on that rosey copper shade is BOMB. I would even buy this palette just for that shade because it’s just soooo pretty!!!!

Bright artificial light
Natural light

From Top to Bottom: Golden Gate Bridge (Matte), The Hidden Hills (Satin), Manhattan Coffee Run (Matte), Moscow Sunrise (Metallic)

iluvsarahii “$aucey” Palette

I feel like this launch was sooooooo hyped up! Every single beauty guru I follow was talking about this launch and selling it so hard. I watched loads of reviews on the palettes and lipsticks from this collection, which made me really wanna try a palette. I bought this palette as opposed to the “Chic-y” one as I wanted to venture out into more cool-tone purple shades.

I loooooove this packaging though


I really love the colours in this palette, but had some issues with the shade “Heavy Glam”. It wasn’t as pigmented as the rest of the CP shadows I’ve tried, and the glitter was a bit chunky when I finger-swatched it. I was super disappointed about that, as it was one of the shades I was most excited about!

Bright artificial light- See that chunk?


Natural light

From Top to Bottom: Heavy Glam (Satin), Chic Happens (Matte), Lit (Metallic), Razy (Matte)

Summer ’17 Collection

I ordered 2 satins and 2 metallics from this collection. I saw swatches from Thatgirlshaexo and mesijesibeauty and picked out the ones I liked the most. All of the shades were of good quality except for “Two Piece” which was a little patchy. “Ready or Yacht” has a bit of kick back in the pan.

Artificial bright light
Natural light (it got a bit overcast-sorry!)

From Top to Bottom: Two Piece (Satin), Tiny Tangerines (Satin), Ready or Yacht (Metallic) and Board Shorts (Metallic).



Just wanted to show the large empty palette I got. I think it’s really cute and nicely holds my pressed powder collection. The two columns on the right are the first ever pressed powder shadows that CP released, and did not mention them in this review. I organised them into collections rather than shades/finishes.



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