Glam X Beauty Review

Glam X Beauty is a homegrown Malaysian beauty brand which just launched about 2 weeks ago. The founders approached me to become one of the brand ambassadors for their company and after a meeting and a session of blush/highlighter/eyeshadow swatching, I was in! What really stuck with me is that the Boss Lady founder of the company was so passionate about making Glam X something that Malaysians could be proud of, and was so particular about delivering quality products to the market.

At the moment Glam X sells 2 eyeshadow palettes, a highlighter palette, a blush palette, a cream contour palette, 4 different eyelashes, 4 matte lips and 4 metallic lips. All of these items are sold at their website, where you can get 10% off using the code GLAMXIMAN

GlamX has no shipping fee for within peninsular Malaysia, and it does ship internationally too!

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I purchased the Bourgeoisie eyeshadow palette (RM180), the Deity highlighter palette (RM160), the Bae Day blush palette (RM150) and a pair of lashes in Karen (RM79). The packaging is very similar to a Morphe Brushes palette, with the sleek black plastic packaging making it convenient for travel.


The Bourgeoisie eyeshadow palette includes 35 (yes 35!!!) metallic/shimmer eyeshadows. When I first saw the palette I was impressed by how on-trend the shades were, as they are mainly warm colours. However I think a range of eye looks can be produced from this, as it has pale pinks, champagnes, golds, coppers, oranges, burgundys and pinks.

Personally, I am not as keen on the pale pinks as I felt the differences between shades were very slight. However I love the rich coppers and pinks, and how pigmented they were!


Swatches shown above from left to right: Finger swatch, brush swatch, damp brush swatch. As you can see the shadows are pigmented with all methods of application. They were very soft and blendable, but I must say a few light pinks were a bit chunky. Luckily there are only very few of them!


The Bae Day blush palette comes with 9 blushes. They are very blendable and pigmented blushes ranging from coral to neutral to deeper shades. I feel like less is more when it comes to these blushes as they are SUPER pigmented, so a light hand when using is recommended.


I think my favourites have to be the coral, neutral and plum blushes. After buying this palette I definitely feel like I don’t need to buy another blush ever again!


The Deity highlighter palette comes with 4 shades. These highlighters are great for a melted, natural glow, but I found that I could also build them up to be blinding too! 2 of the shades are actually described to be bronzers, but I would personally either use them as highlighters or eyeshadows as I’m not into shimmery bronzers.

The shades include a light gold, rosey gold, light bronze and copper. I feel like they would suit a range of skin tones from fair to dark. They have a smooth consistency and blend well.

Last but not least, the mink lashes! I LOVE that each of the lashes are named after a plastic from the movie Mean Girls.. like how cute is that? I got the pair Karen, which are super wispy.


Excuse the awkward photo but can you just SEE the difference? I actually never wear lashes, but just couldn’t help myself and really wanted to try them. These lashes are perfect for beginners as the lash band is very thin, and hence more comfortable to wear.

I have yet to try the lipsticks, but the shades look very wearable and I think would definitely be a hit. I did swatch the contour kit, which is very buttery and easy to blend. The GlamX team actually said they really wanted to make sure that the contour kit was not too matte, but not too oily to make sure that it was very blendable and long lasting.

I know that some may be a bit scared of the prices, as they are a bit higher than most Malaysian brands, but trust me- the price reflects the quality of the products! Plus, if you work it out it ends up being about: RM5 per eyeshadow in the palette, RM18 per highlighter and RM17 per blush, so you definitely get value for money.

I am so glad to be part of the GlamX team, and to represent a company that really is passionate about delivering quality products and is so open to feedback and ideas. Make sure to use the code GLAMXIMAN for 10% off all purchases, you won’t regret it!



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