Fab or Fad? BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

I really like BECCA. So when I saw that they were collaborating with Chrissy Teigen, I got so excited and just had to get my hands on this palette! Their collab really makes sense, as BECCA as a brand is all about glowing, natural beauty from within, which is exactly the kind of beauty that Chrissy Teigen embodies.

I ordered the palette off of Sephora for RM219, which arrived within 2 days. Now, BECCA is considered to be a more expensive makeup brand, so the price didn’t surprise me. The palette includes a bronzer, blush and two highlighters so that works out to be about RM55 per pan. You get 5.1g for each highlighter (a normal BECCA one is about 8g for RM195), and 2.4g for the bronzer and blush (normal blush=5.1g, normal bronzer= 7.1g).

FullSizeRender (2)

THE PACKAGING IS SO NAISSS. If you love rose gold like I do then you won’t be disappointed! The pan feels sturdy and expensive (which you would have hoped at that price) and I just love the marble cover…


The bronzer and blush come in smaller pans, which personally made it a little difficult for me to pick it up with a large fluffy brush without accidentally dipping into one of the highlighters too. I wish they had given the larger pans to the Beach Nectar highlighter and the bronzer.

A finger swatch below and a brush swatch above

The top left highlighter is called “Rose Gold” and is exactly that! It is the deeper of the two highlighters and is a true rose gold colour. If you own a BECCA highlighter, then expect the quality to be just as good as they usually are! So good for a natural glow.

A finger swatch below and a brush swatch above

The other highlighter is called “Beach Nectar” and is described to be a golden apricot shade. I don’t have anything like this in my collection, so I think it’s gonna be a new favourite.

A finger swatch below and blended out above

The blush in “Hibiscus Bloom” is described to be a luminous pink-coral shade (New to the BECCA collection). I really love the colour of this blush with the slight gold sheen, and I think it would suit all skin tones. I don’t have a BECCA blush, so I was really impressed with the texture and blend-ability of it!

A finger swatch below and blended out above

The bronzer in “Malibu Soleil” has a satin finish and gives the skin a really nice golden glow. This is not a new shade in the BECCA collection. I wouldn’t think that it would suit darker skin tones, but my sister who is darker than me uses it with no issues. I also read somewhere online that if you use a lightly damp brush it would work on darker skin tones too?

Top to Bottom: Rose Gold, Beach Nectar, Hibiscus Bloom and Malibu Soleil

Overall, I really have no regrets with this palette and think it lives up to the hype. I think the quality is top notch and the shades are really good for all skin tones. This palette is made for summer!


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