Trying Malaysian Beauty Brands: Velvet Vanity

Next on my list of Malaysian beauty brands to try is Velvet Vanity. I was really looking forward to try this brand of liquid lippies as the brand is very active on social media and seem to have a loyal fanbase.

I bought their lippies directly from their website. I chose their “May the 4th Be With You” Bundle for RM180, which includes all their lipsticks apart from the shade “Slamberry”. That worked out to be about RM45 per lipstick, which is RM14 cheaper than usual. That said, they are currently having a major sale to celebrate the launch of two new shades.


My package arrived promptly within 3 working days. I must say, I really like how striking their packaging is!

The lippie applicator is quite unique as it’s flatter than usual doe-foot applicators. I can’t decide whether I like it, because although its good for shaping the upper lip, its harder for it to glide on the lower lip evenly, as its lacking the curve needed to hug the lip. (Technical I know).


One friend warned me to be careful when trying Malaysian cosmetics because there have been some scandals where the ingredients used were not safe. Thankfully, Velvet Vanity clearly states their ingredients on their packaging. All of the ingredients seem very safe, and actually good for your skin (Coconut oil, olive oil, rose wax, jojoba oil, Vitamin E) which is definitely a plus for me!


Swatches shown from top to bottom: Cheap Thrills, Smash Hit, Peach Perfect and Mr West.

I really love the shades from the bundle as I think they would suit a variety of different skin tones, especially brown/yellow Asian ones. Cheap Thrills is a brown nude, Smash Hit is a terracotta, Peach perfect is a peachy nude and Mr West is a chocolate brown. I find the shades super wearable yet unique.


The lipsticks glided on very evenly onto the lips, and had a very mousse-like consistency. They don’t dry immediately or completely. It kind of reminds me of the Huda beauty lipsticks, but a little thicker. I did try wear one for a whole day and it did last, but you definitely need to reapply after meals.

Velvet Vanity has actually just released a new “Monochrome Madness” collection. I actually have won the new lippies as a prize for guessing the name of the new collection, but it’s still on the way to me. I’ll update swatches here when it arrives.


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