Trying Malaysian Beauty Brands: Brush & Co

The next company on my quest to discover Malaysian beauty brands is Brush & Co. Brush & Co is one of the few brands to just specialise in makeup brush sets, and so I was interested to test the quality of these products. Brush & Co currently sell 5 different brush kits: the Kabuki Kit; the Complete kit; the Essential kit; the Metal Rose Gold set, and the Basics Kit. All of the above can be bought from their website, or if you DM the company on Instagram.

I decided to buy the Basics kit as it was on sale at the time for RM75 including postage. I thought that was DAMN reasonable, as that’s about the same price as one Sigma Beauty brush, but instead you get 8 brushes and a pleather makeup pouch. The fibres of this set are synthetic, and are hence halal/vegan. Below is the description of each brush and what it’s used for (as suggested by the brand).

The set includes:

1. Defined Buffing Brush- for liquid/cream foundation

2. Flat Contour Brush- for contouring the cheeks and forehead

3. Small Fan Brush- for highlighting or dusting off powder

4. Small Powder Brush- for blush or powder

5. Small Angled Brush- for eyebrows or eyeliner

6. Shader Brush- for packing eyeshadow onto the centre of the lid

7. Blending Brush- for blending eyeshadow

8. Concealer Brush- multipurpose from blending to concealing

9. Makeup Bag

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

In general I liked most of the brushes, but some had their fallbacks. My favourite brushes are the kabuki and the contour brush. The kabuki brush blended my foundation really well, and the contour blended both my cream and powder contour formulas. The density and shape of the contour is great for the cheeks and forehead, and I even managed to blend out my nose contour too.

The brushes that fall in the middle are both the eye brushes and the concealer brush. I feel that the blending brush needed to be denser as it couldn’t pick up that much product. I’m not sure if it’s just my technique, as I never use brushes to blend concealer under the eyes, but I just couldn’t get my concealer to blend nicely with the concealer brush! I just gave up using it and stuck to my beauty blender for that. I do like the density of it, and think it could be a great eyeshadow blending brush.

The worst brushes were the fan brush and the powder brush. I feel like the fan brush didn’t pick up ANY highlighter unless I violently rubbed it around the pan! It also didn’t distribute the highlighter evenly on the cheekbone.

THE POWDER BRUSH OMG. I think it’s just the wrong shape and density to be called a powder brush. It looks more like a fat foundation brush! I think it needed to be fluffier in order to pick up and blend the blush evenly, because when I brushed it against my cheek the blusher came out SO PATCHY and made me look like I had pink spots on my cheek…

All in all, for the price I think their brushes are worthwhile for what you get. They are generally good quality, come with a nice bag and look very cute. I do use these brushes quite often, especially the kabuki brush for foundation. I was just so disappointed by the fan and powder brushes though!!! Their new Rose Gold set looks really pretty, and seems like a steal (RM105 for 15 metal brushes) so if I was a beginner needing to buy a complete brush set and didn’t want to buy an expensive brand such as Zoeva or Sigma, I’d try it out.


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