Trying Malaysian Beauty Brands: Nita Cosmetics

When it comes to buying makeup, I often just wander into the nearest Sephora, where only international brands such as Tarte and Urban Decay are sold. Never have I once dared to buy from a local beauty company, mostly because there were just never many reviews on them, and it was a safer bet to spend my money on a tried and trusted mainstream brand. However, a few months ago I read an article on Elle Malaysia about the women behind local beauty brands in KL. I was shocked to find that there were so many new up-and-coming local companies selling items from lipsticks to body scrubs, and I decided that now was the time to try some of them!

I first heard about Nita Cosmetics on Instagram, and I was taken by their cute packaging inspired by all things Malaysian (Bunga Raya, rambutans, ais kacang..). They first released a line of matte liquid lipsticks with names inspired by traditional clothes- Songket, Cheongsam, Kebaya, Kurung and Saree. Then came the tropical line with lipsticks inspired by the Islands of Langkawi, Redang, Sipadan, Pangkor and Tioman. On the 25th of May, Nita came out with not only 5 new moist jumbo lipsticks, but also 3 mini eyeshadow palettes, in their new Turkish collection.

I wanted to try each of their different lip formulas, as well as one of the palettes. I chose the traditional matte liquid lip in Songket (RM69), tropical lipstick in Langkawi (RM59), jumbo lipstick in Antalya (RM59) and eyeshadow palette in Grand Palace (RM59). I was fortunate enough to snatch these up during their sale (yay discountssss!!!). Nita also sells their products in Isetan Gardens and KLCC, as well as on Zalora.

My package arrived two days later…


The products came in great condition, all nicely packed into these cute box. I was most excited for the eyeshadow palette, as I really liked the palette so I decided to open that first. The palette itself is very light (so not very expensive-feeling) and very compact-about the size of a Smashbox covershot palette. I really liked the colours when I laid eyes on them, but when I swatched them I was a bit disappointed.IMG_0689

The texture is quite chalky, and the blue, green and the brown (second from the right) are not pigmented!!!! I was so sad to see that hardly any pigment was on my finger when I swatched it 😦 However, the other two browns were better and blended well, and the gold was BOMB shiny and pigmented! I used the better eyeshadows on my eyes to see how they’d last the day. I did not prime my eyes at all as I wanted to see how they’d do alone. After a long day of watching Wonder Woman in the cinema (SUCH a good movie), walking around and having dinner, the eyeshadows faded drastically. It was like I didn’t even put any on in the first place. I’d rate them a 1/5.

IMG_0715 (1)

As for lipstick, I decided to give the matte liquid lip a go. I noticed that as I applied Songket onto my lips, some areas were a bit patchier than others, but was quickly fixed with another layer of lipstick. It didn’t dry down completely like Colourpop UMLs do, but I quite like that as it didn’t feel too drying. I also wore it for the whole day, and it fared pretty well! It did fade after I had a HUGE dinner, but it faded evenly and still looked pretty nice. I’d give it an 8/10.

Above: Left- Songket, Middle-Langkawi, Right, Antalya.

Swatches from top to bottom: Antalya jumbo lip, Langkawi lipstick, Songket matte liquid lip

Although I haven’t worn the other two for a whole day, I did try them on my lips. Antalya was very moisturising, a bit like a thicker lip balm, BUT I found that the colour was very different to what was described on the website. On the Nita website, Antalya was described to be a “blush mauve”, however on my lips it looked like a very barbie-esque pink colour!! This was the same for both Songket and Langkawi. Langkawi was described to be a plum-red, but it was actually a deep pink, and Songket was described to be a soft brown, when it was very clearly a pinky-nude. Despite being disappointed with the colour mismatch, I was impressed with the pigment of all 3 lipsticks and would probably buy another one of their matte liquid lipsticks!

Overall, I really wish Nita would improve the pigmentation and texture of their eyeshadows. The lipsticks on the other hand were great, but the swatches and descriptions on their site really need to be modified! I’m happy to say that because of the quality of their lipsticks, Nita Cosmetics is a local brand worth supporting.


One thought on “Trying Malaysian Beauty Brands: Nita Cosmetics

  1. I am so glad I read this before I caved in to buying their eyeshadow(s). The RM56 pricetag seems a bit too much for that palette, even the RM10 is too much for that on promo (because RM10 still includes the markup/untung), I might as well buy a single pan yg belas2 ringgit but have greater payoff.


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