Bakar, Lorong Kurau (Bangsar)

Bakar is located on what is now a newly popular part of the Bangsar neighbourhood. It has now become one of my favourite restaurants in KL due to the delicious food, warm service and relaxed atmosphere.

(Above) The new menu: The menu at Bakar consists of dishes featuring grilled ingredients, inspired by both Western and Asian cuisines. Pictured here is there newest menu which was updated this week.

(Above left) Squid with Romesco sauce, pink radish and hazelnuts. These two appetisers are a must-try. The squid is always cooked to perfection with a slight char and a wonderful smokey flavour from the sauce. The hazelnuts are a great textural addition as well. (Above right) Baby zucchini with herbs. Unfortunately this is no longer on their menu, which is such a shame because it’s so delicious! The charred zucchini are tender and tasty with a fresh-tasting herbed sauce.

(Above left) Veal tongue with charred bread and an egg. This is such an indulgent starter, but worth the guilt! The veal tongue is slightly chewy (how it should be) with a wonderfully deep and flavoursome sauce. (Above right) US asparagus. On the menu it doesn’t have much of a description but the enormous asparagus comes in a creamy sauce with a herby dressing and cheese. It’s also quite rich, but a nice accompaniment with main dishes such as the steak.

(Above left) Seabass catch of the day with kerabu. The seabass was plain grilled with salt and it tasted very fresh. The kerabu it was served with was very fresh tasting as well.(Above right) Short rib. The short rib is probably my favourite main dish and comes with mantau buns, kimchee, pickles cucumber and beansprouts, gojuchang sauce and lettuce. The idea is to wrap the beef and pickles in the lettuce or buns and dip it in the sauce.


(Above) Whole spring chicken. The spring chicken is a chicken small enough to be eaten on its own (If you don’t have a lot of appetisers) but we usually share it so we can try other dishes too. The chicken comes with flatbread, garlic sauce, charred lemon, pickled chili and radish. I think the radish goes perfectly with the chicken and cuts right through the rich but tasty garlic sauce. This dish has a middle-eastern feel to it and is a pleasure to eat.

(Above left) Smore. This isn’t the typical smore you would expect. Its a long toasted marshmallow served with strawberries, berry sauce, crumbled shortbread and earl grey parfait. Everything has to be eaten together otherwise the marshmallow can be a bit sweet. (Above right) Baked cookie in a pan. One of the less refined desserts at Bakar, the baked cookie in a pan is what you would expect from the title- a gooey, chocolatey and indulgent cake-like cookie smothered in vanilla ice-cream. Great for the inner child in everyone.

(Above) Charcoal Pavlova. The charcoal pavlova is a really fun dessert to eat, as it holds a surprise if you whack it really hard! Beneath the crunchy charcoal exterior is a tart raspberry sorbet, chocolate mousse and shortbread. It’s also served with berries and mint leaves for added freshness. It’s a very nice and light way to end the meal.

The service here is warm and efficient, and the wait staff are happy to explain the dishes to you. The music is mainly electronic, but offers a relaxed vibe. I would definitely recommend coming here, or at least checking out the restaurants on this street as it’s quite up-and-coming area with many cuisines on offer.



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