Patissez, Bangsar

Although Patissez started in quiet Canberra, it’s gained a worldwide reputation for being the original creators of the “Freakshake”. The cafe has now landed in the Bangsar neighbourhood of KL, where Malaysians can finally taste for themselves what all the fuss is about.

The interior is simple and dimly lit, with lots of tables. They even have long tables which can fit up to 10 people, which was great for our party of 8. Patissez don’t take telephone reservations, but I managed to message them on Facebook to get a table.


(Above) The Menu. Patissez currently has 4 Freakshakes on the menu, I was confused as I was pretty sure they also had a durian flavour but it wasn’t there! There is also all-day breakfast, as well as heartier meals and plated desserts. Apologies for my bad photos!

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The main attraction- Freakshakes!

(Front left) Muddy Pat. This indulgent-sounding milkshake reminded me of frosty chocolate milk! The Muddy Pat is a chocolate fudge milkshake with a brownie and toasted marshmallow on top. What I like about this was that it had a rich chocolate flavour without being too heavy or too sweet. (Back Right) Pretzella. I was expecting this milkshake to be super super clawing but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had a perfect balance of salty and sweet. The pretzels provide salt which compliments the nuttiness from the nutella, and makes this shake a must-try when coming here. I would’ve loved to have tried the “Mint Condition” but it had sold out! I didn’t dare try the red velvet as I just knew I wouldn’t have liked it.

(Left) Corn and Zucchini Fritters. One of the healthier options at Patissez, the corn and zucchini fritters were hearty and filling despite not having any meat. The eggs were done well and the kale pesto was a lovely accompaniment to the fritters. (Right) Cheese Burger. The burger itself was a generous portion, and the patty was juicy and cooked well. 3 of my friends ordered this, and all were very pleased. The only let down was the fries, which had no flavour and tasted like McDonald’s.

(Left) Cheeky Beef. Slow cooked beef cheeks were used to create this comforting and yummy stew. In my opinion, the portion of beef was very generous, but could’ve used more bread as this is a total protein overload (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!). (Right) Hot Cakes. This was a real disappointment. The menu promised fluffy buttermilk pancakes with yummy sauce, but the pancakes were extremely eggy and tasted more like an omelette, with hardly any sauce to be seen. The mango, honeycomb and ice-cream by the side was nice, but couldn’t make up for the failed hotcakes.

(Above) Nutella Donut and Raspberry Cheesecake Donut. These donuts may seem like regular donuts you can get anywhere, but they are so much more than that! They are very generously filled with oozing nutella/raspberry cream cheese, and the dough itself is light and fluffy.

Although the waiters here were pleasant and polite, some of my friends had to wait AN HOUR to get their food, despite us nagging the wait staff. I found this truly unacceptable, especially as after we complained, we could see other tables who were seated after us getting their food before we did. Thankfully the manager didn’t charge us for one of our dishes and gave us 10% discount as an apology.

At the end of the day, it’s safe to say that the Freakshakes do live up to the hype! Patissez do need to work on some of their main dishes though, and hopefully with time the service improves too.

You can find more info on Patissez’ FB page here.




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