Nobu, KL City Centre

Located on the 56th floor of Menara 3 Petronas, Nobu KL is one of the newest branches of the well-known franchise. Nobu is known for modern Japanese-Peruvian fine dining where unexpected flavours such as miso and jalapeno are paired together expertly.


The menu is divided into ‘Nobu Classics’ and ‘Nobu Now’, the former being the restaurant’s famous dishes, whilst the latter being the newer ones. As we were a large group, we shared many plates, making sure that most of the signature dishes were ordered.


(Above) Salmon Sashimi with Ponzu. A very simple yet very tasty dish with bright citrus and nutty flavours. Addictive! (Below) Yellowtail Sashimi Jalapeno. It’s rare to have sashimi with chili, but the pairing really works. Both were ordered from the ‘Nobu Classics’ menu.

(Left) Crispy Rice with Negitoro. The crispy rice was served on skewers, with the tasty negitoro mix in the bowl. The textures were great, with the rice being crunchy on the outside and sticky on the inside, with the fresh tuna and spring onion mixture cutting through the richness of it. (Right) Mushrooms with Flamed Chili. To be honest, I have no idea what this is called and couldn’t find the name of this dish on the menu, but it’s super yummy! The mushrooms have a lovely sesame dressing on them, whilst the blackened chili isn’t spicy at all but has a great smoky flavour.

(Left) Complimentary Prawn Tempura Salad. One of the guests we were with was chummy with the manager so we received a complimentary tempura salad. The prawn was crunchy and springy with some sort of citrus-dressed salad. (Right) Baby Spinach Dry Miso with Scallop. Although it doesn’t look like much, this salad was so good we ordered 3! Shown here is the salad without scallop (We had some seafood-intolerant guests) but the scallop I had was perfectly cooked and so sweet. The spinach itself was super fresh and was topped with some sort of crunchy shredded tofu skin and parmesan.

(Left) Assorted Sushi. We ordered soft shell crab, california and salmon avocado rolls, all which were done well but tasted like any other sushi roll you could get from a local Rakuzen. (Right) Assorted Sashimi. The sashimi were very fresh and generously cut. The menu offers a wide range of seafood to try but we ordered salmon, kampachi and yellowtail. We unfortunately couldn’t try the hirame as it was sold out 😦

(Above Left) Chilean Seabass Red Jalapeno Miso. This was by far my favourite dish of the evening! The creamy spicy sauce paired with the perfectly cooked, quality seabass was very tasty. The waiter explained that the sour papaya served with it should be eaten after as a palate cleanser, and it was truly refreshing. (Below Left) Dry Aged Prime Ribeye Anticucho. This was a weird one… As one of the guests rightly said, the beef had a flavour reminiscent of tandoori, especially when paired with the grilled lime. Not to say it was a bad dish, but for one using high quality beef, I would’ve rather just had it plain. (Right) Black Cod with Miso. Now, being someone who doesn’t actually like black cod all that much, this dish was really really good. And you would expect to be, being Nobu’s most famous signature dish! The cod was so rich and well cooked, with a silken texture and lovely umami flavour.

(Left) Grilled Asparagus Dry Miso. Nobu really likes it’s miso! The asparagus was really thick and juicy, served with nutty quinoa. (Right) Nasu Miso. I’m also not a huge fan of aubergine, but this was pretty tasty. The miso was thicker and sweeter than in the asparagus, which really complimented the creamy aubergine.


Now for the best part… The dessert menu at Nobu is extensive, with plated desserts as well as assorted fruit and ice-cream. What I liked about their desserts was that they were not too sweet, and had deep, rich flavours. (Below) Nobu Cheesecake. My brother quickly finished this before anyone could try a bit, so I guess that means it was good?

These were the desserts I had. (Left) Chocolate Sata Andagi. The ‘Sata Andagi’ was basically a dark chocolate-filled mochi donut served with caramelized pistachios and pandan ice-cream. The donut was nice with a deep chocolate flavour, but it tasted much better eaten with the ice-cream than alone. (Right) Yogurt Sub Zero. This was icy, yogurt-y heaven! One of the lighter dessert options, the frozen yogurt dome was served with fresh berries and a sesame crisp. I could’ve had another bowl of this to myself…

(Left) Bento Box. Though it doesn’t look particularly special, the bento box is a simple yet decadent dessert. The rich chocolate fondant pairs so well with the strong match ice cream, and is executed very well. (Right) Green Tea Shaved Ice. A more traditional Japanese dessert, the green tea shaved ice comes with organic soy milk ice, red bean paste, matcha motchi and tuile. The dessert had a lot of textures, with the chewy mochi, crunchy tuile and melty ice.

As we were seated in a private room, I didn’t get any photos of the interiors, but I must say the view from the room was spectacular! It was lovely having dinner with a great view of the city. The service here was excellent, as the waiters had extensive knowledge of the menu, and could explain each dish well. They were also very attentive and pleasant.

Overall, Nobu is definitely worth a visit if you have the wallet for it!

For more info, visit their website here.


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