Kompassion II, TTDI


Kompassion II, situated in Lorong Datuk Sulaiman in TTDI, is a rather well-hidden gem in TTDI’s upcoming food scene offering Fusion/modern Thai food. Although all the dishes were familiar by name, the flavours felt completely fresh, light and bold. The decor quirky and comfortable, with large murals on the walls and atmospheric lighting.

(Above) My brother liked this light fixture so much he had to snap it! The set menu and specials menu is displayed on this large blackboard which may remind you of school days…


(Above) The menu. The selection is wide but not overwhelming.

(Above Left) Lobster Spring Roll. The Lobster spring roll was stuffed generously with meaty Lobster and fresh veggies- yummy and relatively healthy if you don’t count the creamy sauce served with it. (Above Right) Chicken Satay. The chicken satay was juicy with a lovely lemongrass flavour. (Below) Pucuk Paku Salad. I would say that the pucuk paku salad is a must-try! Filled with bright and tangy flavours and wonderful textures, it was a true delight to eat.


(Above) Poached Fish with Thai Chili Lime Garlic Sauce. The fish was perfectly cooked, and the sauce was punchy and fresh. Although it looks creamy, this dish feels very light (but it is for sharing) as the flavours are a perfect balance of sour, sweet and spicy!


(Above) Omelette with Octopus and Spring Onion. The omelette was thick and fluffy filled generously with chewy octopus for a contrast in texture.


(Above) Panang Curry Chicken. The curry was flavoursome but not spicy at all.

It’s unfortunate to say but compared with the savouries, the desserts were definitely lacking. It’s clear that the coconut gelato was a substitute for the soupy coconut milk so often seen in Thai desserts, but it just wasn’t as satisfying. (Left) Coconut Pandan Gelato. This was the better of the two desserts we tried, and I did enjoy the addition of sour sea coconut that paired well with the otherwise sweet elements. (Right) Coconut Gelato, Red Ruby and Jack Fruit. I did not like this at all :/ due to the lack of contrasting flavours, this dessert just felt way too sweet- one bite was enough for me.

The service here was attentive to start with, but due to short staffing, this was not the case as tables rapidly filled up. The music was surprisingly weird country music (Apparently this is popular in Thailand now??) which I found amusing.

All in all, I’d definitely visit Kompassion II a second time as the food was tasty and I really want to try their Smoked Duck and Pomelo Salad special.

For more info on Kompassion II you can visit their FB page here.


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